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Aaron's Grandmother - Esther Shiroma Ling

As a graduate of the Moanalua Complex Schools and Yale University, I firmly believe that a strong public education system is vital to Hawaii’s future. We need to be educating future generations of good citizens and equipping our children to compete academically and professionally anywhere in the world. We can and must improve education by supporting our students, teachers, and administrators. Government must ensure that we partner with schools as they seek to create a culture of excellence and improve student achievement. Our children deserve the best and I will do everything possible to ensure continual improvement and reform of our public education system.  


Our Local Economy - Agriculture and Retail at Pearlridge

My grandparents operated a family curio store in Chinatown for many years. Their entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance exists in many of Hawaii’s small businesses today, despite the tough economy. I know that Hawaii’s economy can and will recover. To strengthen Hawaii’s economy, I support continued economic diversification, lower taxes, and prioritizing the needs and concerns of all of Hawaii’s people, not merely favoring the economic interests of a few well-connected groups. Growth of new industries through economic diversification will help create more and better, higher-paying jobs in Hawaii. Reducing the tax burden on our residents ensures that people can spend their hard-earned money on what they choose, ultimately, freeing up more personal income and business capital. Putting the needs of Hawaii’s people first means that government should help to foster competition in the local economy. More competition in Hawaii’s economy ensures reduced costs for consumers, greater consumer choice, and ultimately better products and services.


Aaron Working at The White House

I believe a results-oriented, accessible government is the key to good government. Diverse perspectives ensure greater dialogue on the issues and a more transparent process for the people to decide if a law is in their best interest. We need fresh perspectives, different opinions, and new ideas to build a brighter future and a government that works for the betterment of all.  We also need a government that actually works for us. I have experience at some of the highest levels of government, including The White House, U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Hawaii State Office of the Lieutenant Governor, and two legislative sessions for former Representative Lynn Finnegan. I know how government can work or not work, as the case may be. As your Representative, I am focused on enacting pragmatic, results-oriented legislation that can be implemented practically by the State, by businesses, and in everyday life by the people.


Traffic congestion and traffic-related issues significantly decrease our quality of life. Our district is a high density population area, with significant traffic problems. Given the major arteries that run throughout the district, it is imperative that your Representative understands how the State and City can help alleviate or further complicate traffic issues. Given my experience in the executive branch of government, I understand how to ask the right questions and explore potential solutions to these kinds of issues that affect us regularly. We must find practical ways to reduce traffic congestion and dangerous traffic conditions such as speeding.

Seniors & Veterans

Aaron's Grandfather - Ernest Oscar Johanson

Our seniors and veterans are directly responsible for the quality of life that we enjoy today. We should honor them by ensuring that they are supported when they most need our help. As a former caregiver for my grandmother and the grandson of a World War II, Purple Heart veteran and the son of Vietnam-era veteran, I know first-hand the issues that face our seniors and our veterans. It is vital that we ensure that the elderly are well-cared for, whether living at home with loved ones or in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Seniors are one of Hawaii’s most important resources and the State of Hawaii must uphold its obligations to the people who have built our State and our nation into what it is today.

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